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Ranger Press Release

Poco: The Smallest Pig

tab Poco (whose real name is "Country Bunkin") was one of sixty starving and mange-infested pigs rescued in LaBelle, Florida by the Pigs as Pets Association.
tab At three and a half months old Poco weighed only 3 pounds and it was not certain that he would survive. When Lorelei saw his picture and read about his plight she was worried and sent a donation to help with the Poco rescue of these very unfortunate little pigs. Little did she know that one day an email would arrive asking if she would be interested in adopting the tiny little pig that had become known as Country Bunkin.
tab A few weeks later, he made the trip to Virginia where he became fast friends with the lonely Silver, a pig who had been rescued from a rural dog pound. Silver never been accepted into the "Ranger family" by the other pigs and had been living a rather solitary life as a result.
tab Now the tiny pig Poco makes his home with Silver in the house and in a private pasture and room in the barn. He is often found snuggled in Ron and Lorelei's bed.

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